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This program is designed for the U12 & U14 developmental paddler who has completed the Intro to Competition Camp/ Program and is looking to build on their training and racing regimen. The ideal athlete for this program is committed to a daily training program until the end of the summer, and ready to experience the next step in competitive racing by competing at the Divisional Championships August 7th in North Bay and the Provincial Championships August 15th in Welland, ON. 

Junior Train to Train - program includes: 

July 19 - Aug15 :  10 sessions per week small group coaching (Monday to Friday 8am and 1pm). When not training athletes are allowed to remain at the club under the supervision of the Junior T2T coach, but no formal programming will be done between the sessions. Instead, the Junior T2T coach will work on goal setting, race planning, and other technical and tactical skills to help advance your athlete to achieve their goals.

Junior T2T fee $640 + $76 in affiliation fees (Canoe Kayak Canada, Canoe Kayak Ontario, Canoe Kayak Ontario Sprint, Eastern Ontario Division).  Members who have already paid these fees through a competitive membership will not be required to pay them again.  

The Junior T2T program fee includes the Eastern Ontario Divisional Championships and Ontario Championships regatta costs.  Fall and winter training is available for this group, but not included in the summer Junior T2T fee as we recognize there will be varying commitment levels from our T2T athletes in the off-season.

**If an athlete does not attend one of the regattas, there will be no reimbursement of racing fees.

Questions can be directed to Joel Hazzan (exec.director@orcc.ca). 

To register click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Train to Train Development Program

Sprint Racing Introductory Competitive Program- Fully paid membership and registration is required in order to race under ORCC. 

Welcome to the train to train sprint program which offers the option to train year round for athletes looking to build on their training and racing regimen and experience the next-step in competition. Interested athletes must be ready to commit to a year-long training program.
Athletes compete throughout the summer at local regattas within the Eastern Ontario Division. Paddlers gain increasing technique in war canoe, and in single and team events in both the canoe and kayak.
Training continues during the off-water season with a compliment of strength and endurance training through swimming, running, paddle machines, weights and Nordic skiing.
**All participants must be ORCC members and must contact Executive Director Joel Hazzan prior to registration**
Safety is important to our club and all athletes will undergo a swim assessment that includes swimming 50 meters and treading water. All athletes, regardless of swim ability, are required to wear a life jacket while on or near the water.

Realizing that our participants have varying swimming abilities, the ORCC recommends that all paddlers strive to attain a progressive swim competency following the Red Cross Swim Kids program.


Program fee: $1800 (+HST if athlete is over 15years) for the Full Year Program (Sept 1, 2020- August 31, 2021).  Payment options are available.

The T2T Full Year program fee includes training for the spring, summer season, fall and winter. This fee does not include regatta costs and any training camps will be additional.  

Summer Only Program Fee: $1300 (+HST if athlete is over 15years) (May 1-August 31) The T2T Summer only program fee includes training for the spring and summer season.  This fee does not include regatta costs and any training camps will be additional.   Fall and winter training is available, but not included in the Summer only T2T fee as we recognize there will be varying commitment levels from our T2T athletes in the off-season.  

ORCC Credit Card Policy:

ORCC offers a variety of payment methods such as cheque, etransfer and credit card.   However, credit card transactions cost the club thousands of dollars every year.  In an effort to keep program pricing reasonable, we ask those participants who wish to pay by credit card to ensure you also pay the credit card convenience fee to help offset the costs to the club.  No convenience fee is charged for etransfers or cheque.


Please be aware of the ORCC Cancellation Policy:
  • Program cancellations will be issued a prorated refund calculated to one month from the receipt of the cancellation request and the withdrawal of the participant from the program.
  •  In the case of injury or illness, a medical certificate may be required.
**N.B. - “The ORCC reserves the right to refuse admission or cancel registrations in the programs at its discretion.” 
  1. Canadian Sport for Life - Long-Term Athlete Development  (an update that builds on the original 2005 paper)
  2. Mental Fitness for Long-Term Athlete Development  (written by a team of experts led by Karen MacNeill Ph.D. explains that mental fitness is just as necessary for success in sport as physical sport or technical comprehension)

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