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Winter Training

COME TRAIN WITH ORCC THIS WINTER - programs start October 17th 2017

The Ottawa River Canoe Club has a great variety of programs to offer through the Winter months. Everything from Group Athletic Conditioning with friends and families, group runs, and Nordic Skiing. All programs are coached by certified trainers and coaches specializing in each domain. Our Lead Trainer, Andrea Nicholls will head up the group athletic conditioning sessions, which is very popular and growing every year, working along with Joel Hazzan our ORCC Head Coach. Programs are open to all levels of participation.

 Group Athletic Training  - these sessions are for participants ages 10 years to adult and all levels of fitness. The movement based training will improve your cardiovascular fitness, endurance and strength.  Our very special and unique program is one of a kind in promoting fitness and physical literacy for athletes and families. These sessions are designed to improve athletes speed, coordination, strength, power, balance and core strength. Athletes will be working through a variety of drills each week designed with a particular focus for the workout. Many of our athletes use this as their core training over the winter, and its proven to get results. This is a great program for all levels, exercises are always age appropriate, providing individual challenges throughout the workout. Smart training = success. Offered at South March Public School on Tuesday and Thursday evenings . Starts Tuesday Oct 17, Thursday Oct 19 and registration is LIMITED - Register early.

"Get to the Core of IT" - a class dedicated to YOUR core - your POWERHOUSE!  Here participants will work from the inside out, working the body as a unit. Using movement, strength and balance exercises athletes will improve their posture, gain efficiency in movement, improve body control, increase power, reduce risk of injury, improve balance and stability, and improve athletic performance. This is a perfect class for our Dragonboat crews, OC6, Master athletes looking to really activate those core muscles to improve athletic performance and overall health and back health.

Lots to choose from - Registration is OPEN Now! Any questions please contact Program Director Andrea Nicholls.

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