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2019/20 #3 Thursday Athletic Conditioning Bootcamp (6:15-7:15pm)

  • 17 Oct 2019
  • 06:15
  • 30 Apr 2020
  • 07:15
  • South March Public School (Klondike Road, Kanata)
  • 16



This program is geared towards athletes and their families who are looking to improve their strength and conditioning. This is a weekly dry-land training session designed to challenge, motivate and inspire every single participant in a dynamic, interactive and FUN group environment. Thursday evening will have a core focus, including strength movement and balance skills.

The program is led by Andrea Nicholls, a certified sports conditioning specialist, personal trainer, strength coach and fitness instructor. In collaboration with the ORCC Head Coach to develop a well rounded athletic performance program.
This is an incredibly popular program so sign up early to guarantee your spot. No class Oct 31st.

Description of the program:
With children and adults alike, we are trying to improve the body’s Linked System strength. The way the body works as a unit to coordinate athletic actions in strength, balance and movement. Sport conditioning programs addressing the secondary fitness characteristics, such as balance, speed, agility, quickness, reactivity, explosive, power, total body control and coordination, anaerobic conditioning, and overall athleticism can reap tremendous rewards

Training the nervous system is also another aspect that Coach A uses in our training; It is often ignored in traditional strength training programs. This system lays down motor patterns as we learn them and builds a foundation for proper movement skills, reducing the likelihood of developing bad habits in posture and alignment. This group training is dynamic and fun for all ages.

The development of these secondary characteristics helps set the foundation for the movement patterns that are necessary for a variety of athletic activities. This type of training is stimulating to the athletes, challenging and much more effective than traditional training techniques. A combination of sport balance, strength and movement exposes the athletes to conditioning that is fun, functional and challenging.

Email contacts: 

  • info@orcc.ca (general and program information)
  • camps@orcc.ca
  • recreation@orcc.ca
  • sup@orcc.ca
  • programs@orcc.ca
  • dragonboat@orcc.ca

Location: 1610 Sixth Line, Dunrobin 

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