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Fundscrip Information

Fundscrip Holiday Giving!

Not done your Christmas shopping yet? Consider shopping with Fundscrip cards and supporting ORCC! 

With Fundscrip you buy gift cards at the face value ($100 = $100) but ORCC gets a percentage from the store.

Check out these amazing percentages available this month for our upcoming purchase:

  • Hudson's Bay 5% Old Navy 10% Winners  8%
  • American Eagle 8% Gap 10% Home Sense 8%
  • Canadian Tire 5% Esso 3% PetSmart 6%
  • Sunglass Hut  7% WaySpa 13% La Vie en Rose 11%
  • and more... for the full list go to    http://www.fundscrip.com/retailers

I've been doing this for years and these are the best specials I have ever seen. This is a great opportunity to do some easy fundraising for the club. If you're only going to buy cards once a year, this is the time. 

Also, you can now get Tim Hortons and Amazon cards from Fundscrip.

Here's how it works:

If you want to order cards in this round, or have questions, please send an email to me at doug_burbidge@rogers.com

You can pay for the cards by cheque or e-transfer to Paula Noyes at email treasurer@orcc.ca

I will order the cards on Monday November 27 and they will be available Friday December 1. 

What is the Fundscrip Program?

Fundscrip is a program that lets you earn cash rebates for ORCC, based on things you buy everyday like groceries, gas and other household items.

All you have to do is pay for some or all of your purchases using GIFT CARDS bought at face value from FundScrip participating retailers. A percentage of every gift card purchased is contributed to ORCC. 

Fundscrip has hundreds of retailers listed on their site. You can purchase gift cards from any one or more of the retailers and a percentage of your purchase will be given to ORCC. You receive the full value of the cards; in other words if you order a $100 gift card from Loblaws for your groceries you get a $100 card.

Visit www.fundscrip.com/retailers for the complete list of participating retailers.

How to Order Your Gift Card & Support ORCC

  1. Email your order to the Fundscrip Administrator (ORCCFundscrip@gmail.com) by the Order Deadline listed below. Indicate the following:
    • which retailer you wish to purchase cards 
    • quantity of cards
    • denomination of cards
    • click here to see card denominations by retailerPayment methods by one of the  following 2 ways
  2. Payment methods by one of the  following 2 ways
    • E transfer with password sent to Treasurer@orcc.ca
    • Cheque Payable to ORCC (Can be given to Fundscrip Administrator when cards distributed)
  3. Pick up your order

    Order Deadlines and Delivery Dates

    Order Month

    Order Deadline  (8:00 PM) 

    Pick up Starting from:

    Sep 2016

    Tues Sep 13 2016

    Mon Sep 19 2016

    Oct 2016

    Mon Oct 3 2016

    Fri Oct 7 2016

    Nov 2016

    Mon Nov 7 2016

    Fri Nov 11 2016

    Dec 2016

    Mon Dec 5 2016

    Fri Dec 9 2016


    Any questions can be directed to Lily, the Fundscrip Administrator, at ORCCFundscrip@gmail.com

    Thank you

    Email contacts: 

    • info@orcc.ca (general and program information)
    • camps@orcc.ca
    • recreation@orcc.ca
    • sup@orcc.ca
    • programs@orcc.ca
    • dragonboat@orcc.ca

    Location: 1610 Sixth Line, Dunrobin 

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